Groom yourselves to look like celebrity

It’s not that difficult to look attractive and glamorous like celebrities. But by giving your body proper care anyone can groom herself and look like celebrity.

Daily routine to be followed to look like celebrities

Daily routine to be followed to look like celebrities

Follow these steps…

Removal of hairs

Girls make sure you should remove all the hair from your body including your face, body and other parts.

Facial hair: a depilatory cream could be used for face. Tweezers could be used to pluck all the extra eyebrow hair and upper lip. Don’t go for threading and waxing that leads to ingrown hairs and pulling of hair.

Hairline: Girls never pay attention to remove hair on upper part of forehead which is very important. With the help of scissors and tweezers they can be removed easily. And at the back of your neck, try trimming your extra hair.

Bikini Area: Epilator, scissors and razor could be used to remove hair carefully.

Body: Remove all the hair on your underarms, legs, back, and stomach. Try epilator for the purpose. Waxing can also be done as an alternative. Laser hair removal could also be followed for permanent removal. Don’t go for shaving because it leaves ingrown hairs and is temporary.

Exfoliation of the body

Daily routine to be followed to look like celebrities

Daily routine to be followed to look like celebrities

It removes all the dead skin cells from the body leading to the rejuvenating of skin.

Face: For face girls go for chemical exfoliation as it will avoid tearing of skin.  You can go for lemon and honey face masks twice a week.

Body: Scrub your body with dry brush to remove all the dead skin cells before going for shower. Lemon juice is very essential in removing dark patches and de-tanning of the skin.

Cleansing the body: Shower every day. Clean your body properly and do wash your hair with short intervals. Brush your teeth twice a day. And if they are going yellowish then use whitening tooth paste.

Moisturize: Always use moisturizing cream after shower. Put a lotion suitable to your skin type and apply all over. Use sunscreen. Baby oil gel could be used for better moisturizing effect. Use a hand cream for keeping your hands soft.

Nails: Keep your nails in shape and clean. Go for French manicure.

Apart from these pamper your body with massage and facials. Massage can give your mind and body relaxing effect and improves blood circulation to the body. AloeVera face mask could be used for facials because it’s natural.

So girls by following these steps in your daily routine you can look glamorous like any celebrity.

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