Green tea for beautiful skin

Green tea is considered as the best antioxidant. Drinking green tea daily has many benefits.

  • For weight loss : Green tea is popularly known as slimmer’s tea. It is very effective if you are looking for weight loss.
  • For immunity : It improves immunity, reduces fatigue and tiredness. It controlls blood sugar, increases alertness of mind. It is a good stress buster.
  • It is available different flavours.
  • It is recommended by famous dieticians as a healthy drink.
  • It is very good for skin also. Plenty of creams include green tea as one of the ingredient as it helps in reducing fine lines.
Green tea for beautiful skin

Green tea for beautiful skin

  • Chilled green tea bags could be placed on eyes to reduce tiredness.
  • It helps to clean the system and keep stomach light.
  • Purifies blood and gives skin an ultimate shine. It helps in reducing acne.
  • It prevents tooth decay and prevents bad breath.

Green tea is a very beneficial drink which you should add in your routine and it makes your skin healthy and glowing.

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