Girls You Can Try These Awesome Footwears

Girls if you have a love for heels and flats you have ample amount of options to choose from. You can go for Clarks Dollar Craze Shoes. It has an awesome collection of footwears.

Girls Clarks have come up with new comfortable heels this season. Check out its new yellow heels. They look very funky and interesting when carried. Then you can check the Dollar Craze heels. They come in navy blue suede which looks too pretty.
They come in wide fit for wider feet. If you have narrow feet you can go for narrow and medium fit heels. Shoes are no doubt very comfortable and fun to wear.

The shoes have a good heels they are not very high that means they are comfortable and they don’t put pressure on the back and legs.These come with buckle and a crimped edging which makes the look very much sophisticated.

So you can go to the store and explore the different classic designs which are very much seasonal, you can check The Fall 2012 collection . It has a varina flats which is in patent leather having leopard print design on it. The footwear looks quite pretty. They give very feminine look to your feet. One thing you must notice that you should pay attention to the temperature changes because shoes are sensitive to the heat and will change accordingly. These varina flats come in three to four colors and they are available at local Ferragamo stores. Ferragamo varina is very old and reliable brand; they have always something different to offer.


Varina flats have a heel of 1cm which makes it more comfortable as it does not touch the ground and not only this they have padding at the inner sole. You can wear them with your casual outfit. It has signature Ferragamo grosgrain bow in a matching color with the shoe which is held down with a gold, silver or brushed metal buckle. It looks very chic and classic girls.


Girls you must try these foot wears and I am sure you would love wearing them.

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