Girls Try Silk Eye Shadows From Giorgio Armani Eyes

If you are really crazy about using eye shadows then you must try these glam eye shadows. These are like potted cream shadows which are in real, powder shadows.

Eye Shadows


You can say these are in between loose pigments and cream shadow. They are applied like a cream but these set like powder which last all day long.

And you should know if you apply these wet they will give a really good color. Those who don’t prefer shimmer they will not like GA eyes for sure. It offers colors which are very shimmery but you can tone them down of course. It offers nearly about 15 permanent shades. The colors are very much unique and vibrant which will make anyone in love with them. Some colors are limited that is a bad news.

Eye Shadows

You would find that every pot of shadow has a complex blend of colors that is very different and when its applied the resultant color which comes out would be very much eye catching and unique. And you can go for blending different shades and coming out with different shade each time. So you can play with it and have a good experience. And the pot of eye shadow has a little lid that can help in tamping back any loose powder and it will also help in avoiding the powder from breaking up.

Some of colors are also like tough to use but that is kind of interesting. These are some of the eye shadows which you would love to try. 

Blast of blue – It’s a deep navy blue color. Has a golden shimmer to it and it looks like stars in a night sky. You can wear it like an intense eye shadow and notice the results.

Purpura – It’s of deep purple color. It also has a golden shimmer. It could be made intense on your lid if you want by applying more than one layer. It’s very easy to handle also.

Pulp fiction – Its combination of red and silver. It gives a warm silvered taupe that looks great. It’s a special color no doubt in the range. But don’t go for too much of it. So wear it light or you can also blend it with black which will give it intense.

Khaki pulse – It has a warm bronze, gold, and black shade. It very simple to apply and has very less shimmer in it.

Black – The color is very dark. You can use it as an eye liner also. It will look like a gel liner. And it never dries out.

Antique gold – It’s like a bronzed gold and black and when you apply it,  gives a very good shade of gold. It has a cool and light tone. You can mix it with black also.

Silver gold – It’s a mix of gold and silver color. It gives a silver color when applied. It’s like a metallic shade.

Obsidian gray – It like a silvered gray shade. It is like a medium toned silver gray with blue tones and a metallic shine. You can wear it alone or can wear it with other shades as well.

Ecailles – It’s like a blend of teal, silver and lilac when you apply, it comes out with silvered light blue with a metallic edge. You can use your fingers or brush to apply these. But make sure you use a natural hair brush. It looks best when you wear it light.

There is very unique shade which is lust red which is of blackened red toned shadow. This is quite different.

So girls you can go and pick your favourite eye shadow color of your choice and experiment with your look.

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