Girl Try Olive Oil On Skin While Shaving

We all want our skin to be very smooth and clear. For that we often look for moisturizers for our body to give it extra shine and smoothness. It also prevents dryness. But if you skin is dry and has some eczema prone areas, then you can better try olive oil on skin while shaving your body parts like legs. 

Olive Oil On Skin

It will give a smooth shape and will keep your skin moisturized. Take two tablespoon of olive oil and massage on your legs, then shave them. It will give a very close shave and will leave some moisture as well. You can always shave your legs with oil in some tub or something so that your bathroom floor should not become slippery at all. Once you shave your legs with olive oil you would love to do it again because it gives right amount of moisture to your legs which is required and they will not become dry.

Olive Oil On Skin

Finding olive oil in the market is not a big task, you can easily get it. Olive oil is very useful as it is good for cooking and good for our hairs also. Shaving gels come in market which is meant for shaving your arms and legs but they don’t moisturize your skin for so long and then you need to put lotion or something.

But shaving with olive oil is something very good and useful. Some girls also go for waxing and hair removal creams but for waxing you would need to go to parlor now and then and hair removal creams make you skin darker as observed by few people. So why not try shaving which is cheap and can be done easily at home.

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This type you all girls there try shaving with olive oil and experience the result. Because experimenting is good for knowing what is best for us.

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