Get Rid Off Underarm Odor

Well guys do you often feel bad because of your bad underarm odor. Each of us has our personal scents. Our smelling power makes us able to recognize the good smell and the bad one.

Underarm Odor

Sweat which we get because of tight clothing, or hot weather has normally very unpleasant smell coming out making  people uneasy around us.

Sometimes one could be suffering from bromhidrosis that is body odor still comes when u are taking every care in keeping yourself clean. The reason of this is because men have greater activity in particular area where apocrine glands are present.

What are the causes of underarm odor ?

Well the bad odor is caused by the bacteria which are found where we sweat most like underarms, feet and thighs. Our body has glands eccrine and apocrine. Apocrine glands they are found in hair follicles, have a thicker sweat which is connected to underarm odor where as eccrine glands they open directly onto the surface of your skin. When our palms sweat those
are these glands. The moistness causes the bacteria to breed which in turn causes body odor. Apocrine glands they cause bad body odor and sometimes eccrine glands can also lead to the unpleasant smell.

Health problems like diabetes, obesity can also lead to the growth of bromhidrosis. These conditions lead to the increment of the glands. And sometimes lots of sweating from eccrine glands can lead to hyperhidrosis, which leads to the overgrowth of the

How does bad odor depends on what you eat?

You should note that consumption of garlic, hot chili peppers, fish can make body odor to be worst. Alcoholic drinks can also be the one of reasons behind bad odor. Avoid diets like red meat they can make it worse.

What improves the underarm odor?

Drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains should improve the odor. It also helps in maintaining the metabolic functions of the body. When your body’s stress levels are low they would decrease the amount of sweating and also keeps the bacteria away from you.
One should add vitamin-rich food and herbs to the diet which helps in reducing under arm bacteria. And to add it more eating chlorophyll rich foods such as kale and spinach are good for lessening bad odor. Herbal and green tea, vegetable juice and
olive oil also good for us.

You can take certain steps to minimize the bad odor problems:

Have shower after working out always. And do take shower daily. Keep your underarms clean and shaved. Good hygiene is the key to reduce underarm bacteria. When comes to clothing, always choose cloths made from natural fibers, they keep you skin dry which helps in lowering bacteria growth. Avoid re-wearing of clothes. You can go for yoga and meditation. This will help you reduce tension which will reduce sweating. You can also have antiperspirant like aluminium chloride. They reduce the extra perspiration which causes smell. You can go opt for botulinum toxin type A or Botox.

Underarm Odor
A method of Superficial liposuction curettage also removes sweat glands by suctioning out subcutaneous tissue. There are other surgical methods like cutting or shaving the tissue. But they require a long healing time. But results are good.

So guys you can easily get away from the problem of bad underarm odor.

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  1. What do you like this?
    Before I wash shirt squirt the underarm of the shirt with white vinegar.Then I wash them like normal in the washing machine and voila,no more sweat smell left on the shirt.

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