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Whenever you go out with your friends or at your work place something happens which stains your favorite clothes. Stains could be from ketchup, lipstick, coffee, grease or wine but they are difficult to remove. Once they are  on your cloths they can make them spoilt for forever.

So today we are going to discuss about some stain removing methods…

Stains from grease

Grease stains are quite common. Now to treat it put some talcum powder on the area then brush it off. Then put some drops of stain remover over the area and leave for 30 mins. Then wash your garment as directed. This will  help in removing the stains.

Stains from wine

How to remove  stains ?

How to remove stains ?

Well wine stains are not that easy to remove. Immediately blot out the satin with water when wine is spilled on your cloth. Then put some drops of stain removing agent. Leave it for an hour then soak the cloth in detergent mixed water in a bucket for half an hour. After that you can wash it. Apart from this, soda water is also a good stain remover. You can put on the effected area and after a while wash you cloth.

Stains from coffee     

Well guys if you can blot out the effected area as soon as coffee is spilled on your cloth then its fine. But if you have delayed then, mix one part of hydrogen peroxide with six parts of water and then apply it on the stain. It will definitely remove it.

Mud stains

 These are popular in rainy seasons. But you don’t have to worry. Brush of the mud when it’s dry. Then put the cloth in detergent water and put some drops of stain remover over the area and wash your cloth.

Sweat stains

Well it’s not difficult to get clear off your clothes from stains. The best option to remove sweat stain is to wash the cloth as soon as you take them off.  Don’t keep them.

You can also put the clothes in detergent water for some time then can wash them. Or one way is to put some baking soda in your soaked cloth then wash them. You can follow this in case of white shirts etc. and you must avoid does which contain aluminum chloride and acidic solutions in them.

Blood stains

Whenever you get a blood stain wash it with water, then soak it with some ammonia sol or hydrogen peroxide for half an hour. Put some stain remover over the area. Leave it for sometime then wash it. If stain does not go you can leave your cloth soaked for overnight.

So guys next time if your clothes get stained don’t worry try these tips and can wear your best clothes again.



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