Get beautiful photographs even if you are not photogenic by following few tips

Some people have the problem of facing cameras. They don’t like themselves getting clicked.

Whenever they see their photos they will feel bad about it, because of their bad posture, and unattractive looks.

Not everyone is photogenic, but those who are not they can do some makeover so that their pictures can come up beautiful for sure.

No need to be scared of getting clicked

No need to be scared of getting clicked

Before going for photo shoot, one should make it a point to wear right clothes, give good postures and right amount of makeup also.

Get beautiful photographs even if you are not photogenic by following few tips

Get beautiful photographs even if you are not photogenic by following few tips

Certain things related to makeup:

Clean your face: Clean your face properly with some scrub or a good face wash. Then apply some moisturizer.

Apply a primer: Apply a primer on the skin and do not forget the areas like under your eyes, eyelids etc. it will soften your skin and will hide fine lines and pores on skin. It will make your skin smooth and add a glow.

Apply a good foundation: Apply foundation properly with the help of brush and even out. Avoid it applying with fingers. Make sure it should be done properly matching the colour of your neck.

Coming to blush: Then apply blush on your cheeks. Try to use contour and highlighter also with blush.

Eye makeup: Make sure your eyes look much highlighted. Cameras belittle your eyes so eye make up is very essential when going for a photo shoot. Use eyeliner to line your eyelids. Then apply eye shadow. Apply a proper amount of eye shadow matching to your clothes. Curl your eyes and then apply mascara. Apply twice or thrice, eyelashes should look fuller. You can also go for fake eyelashes if interested.

Lips: Choose some bright color lipstick to full your lips with. First of all apply a lip liner matching to your lipstick. Then apply lipstick inside. Lip liner will make your lips look fuller.

Regarding your clothes…

Wear clothes which complement your skin. If you are fair then go for dark shades of green, red or black.

But if color is whitish do not go for dark shades, go for light shades. Clothes should not be loose. They should be tight and well fitting to the body.


Hairstyle is also an important department which can make or mar your look. Figure out which hairstyle will look good on your face cut. You can go to parlor for getting it done properly.

Keep your background simple instead of going for some designs or scenery because it will lead to distractions only. Give nice postures with full confidence and brightness on your face during the photo shoot.

These are some of the guidelines which you should follow and you will never forget carrying your camera with you.     

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