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Girls you can check for sure Rouge Coco Shine lipstick in Elise by Chanel. It’s a deep berry-red shade which when you wear looks very lustrous. It gives a light tint of color on lips with some shiny gloss appearance.


You would love the shade for sure and you can find that it’s a kind of lip balm- lipstick hybrid. The comfort level it gives you with its beautiful shade on lips is quite good. You get a shine and tint of rosy color to your lips; it gives natural look to your face.


Girls for the summers you specially want something very light and bright for your lips. So you can go for coral shade which gives you feeling of juicy grapefruit, plump.

You can also try Shine Automatique Pamplelune by Guerlain. It is of lovely coral shade which again reminds you of grapefruit

and plump. It’s very light and creamy and stays for a longer time. It’s basically meant for those occasions when you want to keep it light and natural. It is not of balm texture like the Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine. It has a golden shimmer to it and very fine on lips.

Other lipsticks feel rough and gritty like sand. It gives a very attractive pretty coral pink color. The shine which it has given a nice touch to the lips. So girls when you want a casual and more relaxed look you can go for it. So girls this coral pink shade is just right for hot weather.


Next you can explore the Bewitching Coral by Max Factor Lipstick. It’s a lovely color. It’s a bright coral lip shade. It’s without shimmer and does not give you a glossy finish. It will make your face bright and it goes for longer hours. Its comes in a black bullet which looks good as well.

Now we have Crystal Coral by the Dior. It’s like lip balm but doesn’t reduces the dryness. It gives glow to your lips. You can give several layers as its very light. It has no oily feel and is light than a gloss and has a light shade and texture as compared to a lipstick.

Next you can look up to Lip-glosses in Crystal Frost and Pink Freeze by the Dior. Crystal frost is a Blue Gloss and Pink Freeze is a pink one. They have good amount of sparkle in them. These are not sticky and have lovely shine to them. They have a brush applicator that is really good for application.

But you should know that crystal frost on application does not really give a blue tint and pink freeze gives frosty look with lots of shimmer. You can use these for layering over your lipstick. You can easily give a lot of shine look by lowering the tone of the shade of lipstick and giving it a plumed look.

Like if you use a Maybelline red lipstick then you apply crystal frost over it you will find out that the shade will become light and plumed. While when you apply pink freeze on red then it will just add glitter and frost to the lips. So you can go for the either of them according to your liking.


Revlon has come up with its new collection of Lip Butters. The four new shades it has Berry Smoothie, Sweet Tart, Sugar Frosting, Tutti Fruitti. The cases are translucent so they reflect the color of the lipstick. It has a blunt flat lipstick top as it makes very easy for application. Some of the shades are sheer they provide shine whereas some of them are opaque they give color to lips. 

Tutti fruitti gives an orange shade, sweet tart pink, berry smoothie gives a berry, whereas sugar frosting gives nothing but shine. Berry smoothie and sugar frosting give a sheer color whereas sugar frosting looks like light shade of pink but when applied is transparent and gives only shine. Tutti fruitti gives a straight orange shade to your lips which looks good. Whereas sweet tart gives a bright pink shade.

So girls check out these new collection you would love them for sure.

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