Feeling shy in flaunting your sexy legs because of Cellulite problem?

What is cellulite?

It’s the collection of layers of fat under your skin. The factors like estrogen, collagen and circulation add to this problem.

But by following the right exercise and proper diet plan one can easily get rid of this health hazard.

Now what kind of exercises one must do?

Have Sexy Legs

Have Sexy Legs

Specific exercises should be performed in order to minimize the cellulite. Combination of exercises for upper body, standard lower body exercises and lower body stability exercises should be done. Lower body stability exercise will tone all the hidden, smaller muscles while the upper body and standard lower body exercises will burn lot of calories and will tone the major muscles.

You can do these exercises mentioned below…

  • Pull downs, bench presses, rows, overhead presses for upper body
  • Squats, lunges for lower body standard
  • Squats with base balls, step-ups with dumbbell overhead foe lower body stability

Two-three workouts per week could be enough for you and do leave one day for rest in between. One can do more than three workouts per week while adding Cardio in it. Cardio burns extra calories and increases circulation side by side. Remember don’t do more than five sessions per week and never do it before resistance training and make your sessions for not more than forty-five mins.

Now lets move on to your diet…

For reducing cellulite one must follow a diet which should be caloric deficit for sure. Foods should have more nutrients but fewer calories.

One can collect food items from the following list while eating.

  • Sea food, white meat, tofu enriched in protein.
  • Beans, lentils having carbs
  • Dark colored lettuce
  • Wild salmon having fats


Eat beans and legumes and less whole grains. You can have whole grains before or after intense resistance training. It helps in lowering levels of blood sugar. Which if increases can stop the burning of fats. So one should stay away form juices and smoothies which increase sugar level.

By following above mentioned exercises and proper diet plan one can easily get rid of cellulite.


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