Facing problem of razor bumps?

Most of the guys suffer from the problem of razor bumps. It’s the most common problem which every second person will complain about. Well you must be thinking that it is the problem that  comes up after one has shaved the beard so it has nothing to so with your shaving style.

But that’s the wrong notion. Before shaving one must know some important things about their beard and the direction in which they shave.

Know your beard…

Problem of razor bumps

Problem of razor bumps

The growing trend of your beard

Beard of men with curly or thick hair often grows at a low angle that means very close to skin. They have a tendency to curl with the skin and do not grow straight downward. So make it a point always shaves in the direction of the growth of beard. Never shave against the direction. Shaving against the grain can lead to the problem of razor bumps for sure.

Direction of beard

Let your beard grow for some day. Now observe it closely and find out the direction in which you hair are growing. Once you come to know about this, make it a point you have to try to shave mostly with the direction of hair growth. And shave very less against the growth if you want it any way.

It will give a clean and smooth shave for sure.

About controlling the growth

If you want a close shape, you must keep your hairline slightly above the skin when go for shaving. Because it will avoid the possibility of razor bumps. And avoid shaving against the growth as your hair will have a difficult time growing again and moreover you can face the problem of razor bumps.

There are some other points which should be kept in mind before going for shaving…

  • Sterilize the razor with alcohol to avoid the infection with bacteria.
  • Your face should be all wet with water before applying gel.
  • Keep you blade clean after each movement. For that you can rinse your razor in hot water every time.

So guys some precautions can really make your shave  good and complete no doubt.

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