Facial with gemstones work wonders

We have read about facials with vitamin rich different fruits, from natural products like honey etc but have you ever tried facial with stones? Yes! nowadays gemstones are being used for this purpose. They have been proved to be a skin cleansing and nourishing agents. They are powdered and mixed with vitamin rich oils and different essence and then applied on skin. And it’s observed that they tone dull and dry skin by giving extra glow.

Facial with gemstones

Facial with gemstones

Here we have a list of gemstones with their different qualities


If you are suffering from skin tanning, dryness and blackheads then diamond facial is the answer. It clears the skin from any marks and gives its lost shine.


It’s an anti-ageing facial. Emerald ash is mixed with cream and when applied helps in toning the skin. It lessens wrinkles. It also helps in the treatment of acne.


It makes the skin young, smooth and nourished. It removes all the dead skin cells and makes it clean. Blue sapphire is also very useful as it helps in removing depression and negative thinking.


It improves blood circulation and skin infections. Not only this it is a good source of vitamin A.

Pink tourmaline:

It’s good for our mind as it makes it sound and balanced.

When applied it should be massaged properly so that its calming effect should reach the skin and mind.

Gemstones are really good as facials because of their so many properties.

So when going for facial make sure its a gemstone one.



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