Nivea Skin Care Products

Well guys do you want to make your skin soft, smooth and silky? You should try Nivea Skin Care Products. Nivea has come up with its new range of lotions which have different qualities in each.

Let’s know about these latest types…

Express Hydration Lotion

You can go for express hydration Nivea lotion. It’s has Dexpanthenol which helps in keeping you skin moisturized but not dry. And you should make it a point it’s effective 24 hours. And for smoothness it contains Shea Butter. It gives your skin soft and silky smoothness.

Nivea Skin Care Products

Nivea Skin Care Products

UV Protect Lotion

Well guys, this lotion is enriched with Bamboo milk which helps in quick absorption moisturisation. It has HYDRA IQ technology which keeps your skin 24 hours moisturized and a very nice sensation. Not only this it imparts strength to your skin. When applied it makes you feel heavenly with its orange flower cent which is so unique in itself.

Smooth Silk

This lotion also has Hydra IQ technology which keeps your skin all day night moisturized. And added to this it helps in supporting skin’s own natural moisturizing formula. It contains Sea Minerala and gives a very nice blue lotus sent which goes all day long. You can feel fresh and moisturized 24 hour.

Nivea Skin Care Products

Nivea Skin Care Products

Body milk

It too has a formula with HYDRA IQ technology to promote a 24 hr moisturisation like others. Almond oil in it makes it special and different from others which keeps skin intensively moisturized and provided a long lasting care. It also enhances the skin’s natural protective layer and helps in regaining moisture.

Happy time

Happy time has a natural moisturizing formula. It has got natural sea mineral hydrating complex which makes you skin very soft and fresh and avoids sticky feeling which u are often afraid of. It has nice fragrance and keeps you fresh all day. And it has quality to keep your hand intensively moisturized even when you wash your hand again and again. It is highly recommended if your hands are chapped. This lotion of Nivea contains agents like Calendula Oil which helps your chapped hands and makes them beautiful.

So girls all these Nivea lotions give you 24 hour moisture and assurance to keep you skin soft, healthy and beautiful.

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