Do Your Makeup Like Kareena Kapoor

Our famous actress Kareena Kapoor has inspired millions of girls to become like her. Girls want to dress like her, diet like her and also make up like her. She is a pure vegetarian and drinks a lot of water to keep her skin hydrated.


Look Like Kareena Kapoor

Look Like Kareena Kapoor

So what kareena Kapoor has to reveal about her make up secrets?

Kareena does not do make up on daily basis. But when she goes out she lines her eyes with black kohl. Her famous eye pencils are from Yves Saint Laurent’s. And her lipstick is mostly is of pale shade of pink.

She concentrates on her eyes whenever she is partying out. She highlights them. She applies shimmery silver or champagne eye shadow. And she is a fan of dusky complexion so she user bronzer instead of blush.

Kareena washes her face with Lancôme face wash. She avoids any cream on face.  She uses Clarin’s Hydra Quench Cream to avoid dryness on face. She does not believe in facials so she never goes for it.

Her favorite beauty products include…

  • “Cherish” MAC lipstick
  • “Improper Copper” MAC blush
  • Chanel Kohl pencils in black
  • Lorac Eye shadow in moonstone
  • Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge lipstick
  • Chanel Quadra Eye shadow
Girls, you can  follow Kareena and look like her.

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