Choose Hair Color Carefully

Hair coloring is in vogue these days. All the celebrities are getting it done on their hairs. But you should know the hair color suitable for your hair.

Chocolate brown hair color

Our famous Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu likes to color her hair in chocolate brown. Browns will stay longer. Go for darker shades of brown. You can get blonde highlights in black or deep brown for a great look.

Platinum blonde hair color

Celebrities like Kareena Kapoor, Kashmira Shah is opting for this color. It looks awesome on fair skins. And this is getting quite trendy nowadays. You can also put two shades of blonde mixed together.

Other funky colors

You can go for citrus shades, like yellow and orange. These are famous this summer. You can also opt for lavender and purple shades for less heat. Apart from these there are other shades like greens, blues and pink, you can get them also.

Choose hair color

Choose hair color


Choose hair color

Choose hair color

Lowlights effect

It adds real depth to hair color. It adds darker tones. And adds dimension to flat look of hair color. You can get three different colors through a weave cap for a subtle look.

Twilight effect

It will show your lighter hair color. As it tones down too-bright colors by adding darker tones.

Veiling effect

It applies a semi-permanent glaze in a richer tone and enhances the old color.

Chunking effect

It infuses new colors in some of hair sections. It gives dramatic impact to your hairstyle by adding trendy colors.

So girls choose your hair color and look ravishing hot.

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