Do You Know Side Effects Of Hair Rebonding ?

Everyone wants healthy, beautiful and shiny hairs. Rebonding is in vogue these days. But before going for rebonding, one should be aware of the side effects of rebonding.


You will be shocked to know that in many cases it has led to baldness too. Side effects of rebonding varies from one person to another.

Rebonding breaks the chemical bonds present in the hairs and are rearranged to bond back. The hair straightener used in hair rebonding also harms hairs due to continous heat given to hairs. This whole process weakens the hair shafts, which consequently lead to hair breakage.

Rebonding makes hairs fragile. The heat damages not only hairs but lso damages scalp too. Rebonded hairs require a lot of care. It is must to follow the instructions given by hair expert. It is recommended to go to some reputed hair salon for rebonded otherwise results could be disastrous.

Make sure to use a good shampoo and which is for straight hair. Do not forget to use conditioner after shampoo. Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of raw fruits.

Process of Rebonding :



 1. Hair washing : Hair is washed with mild shampoo. Hairs are dried with the help of blow dryer.

 2. Hair is separated into parts and cream softener is applied. To keep hairs straight, plastic board can be used.

 3. Hairs are steamed and then dried.

 4. Hairs are then straightened by using flat iron.

 5. Neutraliser is applied and kept on hairs for sometime.

 6. Hairs are washed and dried. Hair serum is applied. Finishing touch  is given to hairs using hair straightener.

How to deal with damaged hairs ?

a) Go for hair cut.
b) Oiling is must to cure damaged hairs.
c) Go for deep conditioning done every fortnight.
d) Avoid any chemical treatment for next 6 months atleast.
e) Wear a scarf.

Hairs are very vital part and plays a very important role. Healthy, shiny hairs always enhance ones beauty. But always keep negative impacts of chemical treatments before trying them.

Stay gorgeous.

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  1. E Cig says:

    I always try to maintain healthy and beautiful hair. Usually I go for herbal treatments but sometimes I use chemicals too. Thanks for sharing this information. It is very useful to maintain damaged hair.

  2. Rugby gear says:

    It’s been only few months for my rebonding. But my hair has damaged seriously. I know I didn’t have enough time to take extra care for my hair. Thanks for your advice. I will follow your tips.

  3. vandana says:

    i really like these sggstions thnks…

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