Dark Skin Celebrities Beauty Secrets

Celebrities Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets

Dark skinned celebrities like Halle Berry, Tyra Banks, Queen Latifah and others are some of the worlds most amazing divas. Our idea of beautiful woman is no longer limited to tall white women with long blond hair, since thanks to these beautiful dark-skinned women, beauty has proved to be present in all cultures and races

These beautiful dark-skinned women have shown us some of their secrets to use and combine colours in clothing as well as make-up. Here are some of those secrets so keep a close look!

Many women tend to neglect the importance of choosing the correct shades and styles for their skin colour, and this is a big mistake. You can be wearing the most stunning dress in the world but if the colour is not right then the wow-factor will be severely reduced. Another important thing to take intro consideration are accessories, also for your hair: headwraps, bobby pins, flower clips and barretts are also an important part to complete your look. You can try your every-day accessories’ shop, some online stores with very low shipping costs or free-classifieds websites, which are a very good option when it comes to buying second hand accessories for your look.

Step out in style in gorgeous colours

Dark-skinned girls like us are particularly lucky as there are loads of beautiful colours that go perfectly with our skin tone including both pale and bright shades, and Halle Berry knows this well. Summery colours such a yellow, lavender and pink look great against dark skin as they present a fabulous contrast, whereas colours such as red and black help to bring out your undertones. Furthermore, pale shades such as eggplant look great on all skin tones enabling you to make the most of your beautiful skin.

Emphasise your best facial features

Celebrities Beauty Secrets

Once again there is a great variety of colourful lipsticks, glosses, eye shadows and liners that look stunning on darker girls allowing us to really make the most of our best features by day as well as by night. For example, Tyra Banks loves wearing bright pink lipstick in pretty much any occasion. This being said, choosing the right colour foundation is crucial, consider mixing two different shades together if you are unable to find your perfect match. Apply matte shades of brown, beige or dark purple on your eyes during the day for a subtle look and metallic shades in the evening. If you have darker skin, both skin-toned and berry shades, tend to look great on your lips and shades of pink and coral on your cheeks.

Turn heads with beautiful hair

Celebrities Beauty Secrets
Dark hair colours such as black and brown tend to be and look most natural against darker skin. Blonde and red shades tend to look very unnatural and do not usually compliment dark skin. Take Solange Knowles as a role model for this. If your skin however has warm undertones then you may want to try auburn, copper or ash highlights in order to boost your natural hair colour and add a little additional dimension. I personally wear and recommend loose and flowing locks to really make the most of my hair’s natural beauty in order to appear runway ready whilst out and about.

By taking these great fashion and beauty secrets for darker women from are beautiful black celebrities you will find yourself well on the way to making some great colour choices and stepping out in style each day. Just remember to make the most of what you have and do not choose clothes or apply make-up to hide behind but instead to emphasise and show off your natural beauty.

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