Conceal Acne With Makeup

Girls these days acne is really a big problem. We have already discussed that how we can prevent and cure acne. Today let us discuss how we can conceal acne with the help of makeup.

Conceal Acne

Girl’s right makeup can hide your pimples and even your closest friend would not come to know that you are having pimples on your face. You must be thinking that foundation can cover up your acne, but to the contrary a thick layer of foundation can clog pores and may lead to more acne on your face. So it’s better to go for a light concealer which suits your skin tone and plus powder on the face.


Over the concealer you can apply foundation afterwards. If your acne is mild then a good concealer can hide all your pimples. You should apply concealer carefully with the help of a brush or can also use your fingers for the application.

Look from different angles after applying concealer to make sure it blends properly from the sides. In markets, there are also medicated concealers that help in lessening the acne on the face. But I would say you should go for a separate acne cream and a straightforward concealer. And make sure at the end of the day,  do wash your face to remove all the makeup. So that your skin must be all clean when you sleep.

Conceal acne with makeup is something temporary which you can opt while going to any function etc. but for a permanent cure and prevention you should go for a healthy way out.

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Check out the Murad Acne kit

Well guys you can try Murad Acne Complex Kit. The kit contains a clarify cleanser, exfoliating acne treatment gel, skin perfecting lotion and plus an acne spot treatment.


Clearify cleanser has salicylic acid in it which helps in exfoliating skin and fighting back acnes. It’s a bit drying but it a good cleanser. Next is Exfoliating acne treatment gel, it has retinol, glycolic acid and salicylic. It is very light and not irritating at all when applied on the face. You can apply it on daily basis if your skin is acne prone. Then there is Skin Perfecting Lotion. It’s without oil and has retinol in less amount. It’s a light lotion.

Then we have Acne spot treatment. It has very less amount of sulphur in it which is an antibacterial agent and helps in treating acne. You can also go for sulphur masks for the spot treatments. You can try it when you are having a cystic type of acne.

So guys it’s a good kit, at least we can give a try to start with.

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