Compliment yourself with stylish handbags

 Nowadays, how one looks matters a lot. For looking good one must wear right handbag which should complement the dress. In a way you create your own style by carrying different handbags.  Great attire with the right handbag further increases your confidence.

These days you have plenty of options to choose from.

Choose your hand bags

Choose your hand bags

Sling bags

If one wants to carry only important things along with them to their workplace or shopping etc, sling bags are best. These are smaller in size, worn over one shoulder with a strap that winds around the chest leaving the bag on the lower back. Sling bags look very fashionable and stylish which equally distribute the weight on your back as well. One can find them in different styles, colors and material. Their adjustable straps make them more comfortable and easy while carrying.


These are handbags without handles and they are mostly rectangular in shape. These can be carried according to different occasion.  These must be opted according to one’s size, that is, one must balance a large and curvy frame with a square and angular bag. One simple rule could be applied while wearing these clutches, that is wear them as per the occasion.

They come in plenty of designs and styles, so one can always select them for casual purpose or for some party events. Or one can go for some glittery and beautiful clutches

which could be carried with any outfit and to any occasion.

Shopping bags  

choose handbag

Look stylish with handbags


Then we have other kind of bags known as shopping bags which normally we carry to grocery stores. They are normally of medium size. They come in different colors and are made up of various materials like jute, cotton, canvas, velvet etc. Bags made up of these kind of material are eco- friendly too, unlike traditional plastic and paper bags.

One can choose these bags according to ones personality and liking. Jute bags are quite famous, they come in dull to bright colors with various pattern of designs which make them look fab.


Wallets are another fashionable piece to carry your valuable things at different places. Women wallets come with different sizes, big, small, and medium with various shapes and colourand style.

One can really mix and match with the attire. These include leather wallets, billfold wallets, wallet purses, keychain wallets and cell phone wallets. Cell phone wallets can carry all the gadgets like iphones, droids, and MP3 players. These wallets have wristlets and shoulder straps which free your hands and look fashionable too. Each one contains slots for credit cards, zippered compartments both inside and outside and pouches for money, receipts and all. They look smart and are fun to carry.

So what are you waiting for go and create your own style statement by trying these various kinds of handbags with different color and designs.


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