Choose The Right Blush For Your Skin Tone

Well girls blushers are an important beauty products in your make up kit. But you must know what to select the  right blush for your skin tone.

Choosing the right blush

Choosing the right blush

Creamy blushers

You can apply creamy blushers with your fingertips. They   give the skin a natural glow by imparting a dewy look.

Use stipple brush for creamy blushers as they do not pick lot of powder in one go.

Powder blushers

These are the most preferred ones. First of all dip your brush into some loose translucent powder then dip it into blush that will avoid taking too much color. Problem with powder blushers is that they take too much color.

You can go for fluffy powder brush as it gives you a smooth application and good blending on skin.

Right Blush for  your skin tone

Those who have fair skin can go for light to bright pinks

While medium to dark skin should go for peach, brown or coral.

It’s very important to choose the right blush for your skin tone because it will give a natural glow look to your cheeks not the artificial one.

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