Choose Right Facial For Skin

Every month after the tight schedule, every girl wants to pamper herself at salon with facial rituals. Facial gives all needed relaxation and cleans your skin. It cools your mind and tones your skin. But you should have knowledge of choosing right facial for skin.

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Right Facial For Skin

So here below are given different skin types and the facials suitable for those skin types 

For normal to dry skin
Facial massage is done by giving your skin nourishing creams. And with them moisturizers are also used. You can go for classical or plant stem facial. 

Know about plant stem
It makes your skin look younger and new. Skin receives plant cells. It activates the process of repair of dead skin cells. It helps in reducing the signs of ageing. It has exfoliator, cream, mask, serum and an under eye gel. 

Know about classical type
It includes cleansing, toning and massage, mask and protection coverage. Strokes and pressures are given to different areas. If you have normal to oily skin

Right Facial For Skin

For oily skin facial is done with exfoliation, toning, mask and protection. Mask will remove the excess oil and shrink the pores while making the skin soft and translucent.

Go for pearl facial
It removes tanning and makes your skin beautiful. Then your skin is cleansed deeply. Then a light facial massage with pearl cream is done and then mask is spread. It retains moisture and rejuvenates skin. And also gives fairness to skin, tones the color of skin.

Try silver facial
It detoxifies and purifies the skin. It has glow scrub, gel, cream, and pack to offer dull skin an instant lift. It restores the natural ph balance of the skin and clears the pores and does deep cleansing.

Combination of skin

Right Facial For Skin

If any beautiful girl has skin type which is both dry and oily. Then face is cleansed then dry area is massaged and toned with a cold compress, using a rose-based skin tonic.

Try platinum facial
It energizes your skin tone by influencing the skin at cellular level. And gives the needed moisture. It has got powerful anti oxidant effects which protect the skins youthfulness.

Right Facial For Skin

You can go for gem therapy
It uses the natural energy of gemstones and helps in correcting physical, mental and spiritual imbalances. It detoxifies and exfoliates skin and also delays ageing. It contains ash of gem like ruby, sapphire and emerald. It restores the skin balance by freeing it from blemishes. Fine powder is made of gemstones and mixed with vitamin rich oils and aroma essences

Right Facial For Skin

Facial protect the youthfulness of the skin by delaying the signs of ageing, fine lines, and wrinkles. Skin and  muscles are toned and it all relaxes you mind and reduces stress and fatigue. Last but not least it helps in improving blood circulation.

So every beautiful girl should identify a suitable facial for her skin type.

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