Choose right facial hairstyle according to your face shape

As we all know that the kind of clothes we wear should go with our personality and body type, similarly men’s facial hairstyle is also an important part of his looks that should suit his shape of face. Not only this but also, it should complement the face of the bearer, by hiding its flaws and emphasizing on the positive features.

Here below I have given certain facial hairstyles depending on the shape of  face….

Rectangle or Oblong face

These kinds of faces are quite slender type. They look quite lengthy. So we should concentrate on shortening the length, for that a normal light beard can be best to keep. That will balance the face as it will add some width to it. Celebrities like, Tom Ford who is a fashion designer and director supports a normal beard as his face is quite lengthy and angular, so a light beard balances all very well.

Round face

These kind of faces need a facial hairstyle which can make the face look oval in shape. Guys with these face shape can try a stylized circle beard. Celebrities like Kanye West support this style. He supports a mustache that’s go along the sides of the mouth and meets with facial hair at chin.

For the style you can grow your hair out to the full and keep shaving your jaw and neck. After that, go to a barber to get super-sharp lines, and then you can maintain the look at home with razor and clipper. Make sure rest of your face is all shaved properly. For making it look best keep your hair cropped to your head.

Right facial hairstyle as per your face cut

Right facial hairstyle as per your face cut

Square face shape

If you have a square face cut, then you need a style which could make your face look slender and less wide. You can go for a light beard which should go overall, clipped close to face. David Beckham supports this kind of look as his face cut is square. For the look one can simply grow facial hair out for several weeks and then can use clippers to shorten the length. You can also consult a barber to get a sharp look. This style requires not much maintenance.

So guys find your face cut and try these facial hairstyles, hope it would add a noticeable spark to your personality.

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