Celebrities and their love for Gadgets

Well guys our celebrities have a craze for gadgets as they make them look stylish and modern. Apart from this, gadgets provide them everything they need in their busy lives.

Celebrities and their gadgets

Celebrities and their gadgets

Supermodel Naomi Campbell loves to carry Blackberry wherever she goes.

Oprah Winfrey loves Flip’s Ultra Camcorder. She not only shoots behind the scenes of her show but also videos for her you tube channel. She talks a lot about her gadget and also gave the crowd Flip Ultras during the launch of her channel.

Barac Obama keeps his Blackberry always with him in his office. He is keeping it since he won elections last year. And he is the first to have a personal mobile. Apart from mobile he carries iPod carrying songs from different artists and classical music also.

Bill Clinton on the other hand chooses to have iPhone because he finds it very useful. And besides that he is also keeping Motorola Razr and a Blackberry.

British TV host jonathan Ross has The Macintosh Portable. He also carries an iPhone and a Blackberry.

Actress Pamela Anderson keeps a Zune music player instead of iPod. She has a craze for this gadget.

Paris Hilton loves to carry her Blackberry so that she gets all the news of what’s happening around.

So guys go ahead and choose your favorite gadget and look stylish.

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