Look Like Bipasha Basu (Beauty Secrets And Fashion Tips)

Bipasha Basu revealed her beauty secrets behind her beautiful skin and sexy figure.

Bipasha Basu Beauty SecretsShe says she is totally into workout. She infact released a workout DVD. She recommends eating fish, nuts, sprouts, fruits, vegetables. She advices to use good quality make up products. Here are some beauty secrets from here.

She loves eye make up. She uses black liquid or gel eyeliner and draws a short line outwards and upwards from the corners of lower lashline. Connect this line with a black line drawn over upper lashes. Finally, fill this triangle.

She loves lipglosses in pink and coral shades. She recommends false lashes by Ardell. She says regular manicure and pedicure is must.

Her Beauty Secrets are :

Bipasha Basu Beauty Secrets

1. Drink loads of water( 10 glasses a day).
2. Never Forget to apply sunscreen with a high SPF before moving out.
3. Eat healthy.
4. Workout at least 4 times in a week for minimum one hour a day.
5. Sleep well (7-8 hours of sleep is must).
6. Never forget to remove your make up before going to bed.
7. She prefers homemade face exfoliators and scrubs.
8. Always use good quality make up products.
9. She recommends to use good shampoo and conditioner.
10. Keep your skin hydrated with a good moisturizer.
11. Apply almond oil around your eyes before sleeping.
12. She regularly goes for oil massages.
13. She loves smoky eyes and natural nude lips.


Her Diet Plan:

Bipasha Basu Beauty Secrets

She starts her morning breakfast with mushroom and toast with porridge, skimmed mailk, six egg whites and fruits.

Around 11, she eats one apple.

In her lunch, she goes for green vegetables, grilled chicken or fish, dal, two soya chapattis.

In evening, she takes tea with biscuits.

In Dinner, she takes dal, salad, vegetables cooked in olive oil, grilled chicken or fish, dessert.

She recommends to use rose water and lemon juice mixed in equal ratio for cleaning oily skin.

Bipasha Basu Beauty Secrets

She love homemade body scrubs. She takes gram flour (besan) and add little turmeric powder, add yogurt(if oily skin) or milk cream(if dry skin). Apply on entire body for around 20 minutes. Wash it off.

She regularly changes her fitness routine. She includes both cardio and muscle training in her routine. She always carry M.A.C Liquid Eye Liner, a blush in warm brown hues and a gold highlighter.

So girls, try these beauty secrets and look gorgeous like Bipasha Basu.

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