Best Charlie Perfume For Women 2017

Charlie perfumes, a product of the famous Revlon cosmetics house, are some of the most popular fragrances for women in the market. It has a floral aldehyde fragrance which has a composition of lemon aromas blossom along with hyacinth and peach. Since its launch back in 1973, Charlie perfume has been considered as a classy perfume for the independent lady. It was a rage among women back then, who have very fond memories of it. Currently, this perfume is highly in demand especially among the young generation for its fresh fragrance and its affordability. Here is a list of the best Charlie Perfumes for women:

Top Charlie Perfumes for Women

  1. Charlie Red

Launched in 1993. It has great fragrances of orange blossom, plum, violet, gardenia, black currant and other flavors such as rose, cedar, sandalwood musk, tuberose carnation, lily, and lastly honey. All of these scents provide sweet smell with a fruity flavor which adds freshness to a casual day. The Charlie Red perfume for women is subtle yet noticeable. Ladies will receive lots of compliments by wearing this perfume.

  1. Charlie Gold

Charlie Gold Perfume for women was launched in 1995. After the launch, the Charlie Gold became very popular among the working class due to its spicy aroma which was subtle and not overpowering their personality. This perfume gives an oriental flowery fragrance for those who wear it. Some of the beautiful scents are orange, orchid, peach, violet, sandalwood, cloves, musk, etc. You will go mad with its beautiful fragrances.

  1. Charlie Blue Perfume

A classic and an all-time favorite, the Charlie Blue perfume for women was introduced in 1973. This product stands out as a renowned signature perfume from Charlie cosmetic house. It offers attractive scents of jasmine, musk, and sandalwood, making it ideal for any romantic outing. Besides, the blue perfume charms well with classy and stylish outfit making it an ideal pick for the evening.

  1. Charlie Silver

This perfume was launched in 1997. With its traditional fragrance of pear and musk, the Charlie Silver offers scents of apricot, lime, pear, magnolia, peach, and lily of the valley. By wearing this perfume, women will remain fresh and feel fruity the whole day. This is a perfume with a twist, making it perfect for a day on the move.

  1. Charlie Sunshine

Launched back in 1997, the Charlie Sunshine perfume has a heavenly fragrance to it with a touch of grapefruit over a fresh cut floral heart. This fragrance provides those who wear it with an uplifting energy in the sun. Consequently, it can boost your mood with its summery scent for a party in the spring.

  1. Charlie White Perfume for Women

The Charlie White is a delightful blend of jasmine and watermelon. This perfume is well known of lighting up the wearers day irrespective of the occasion. Whether you wear it on a summer afternoon or a day in office, it will surely make heads turn wherever you go.

  1. Charlie White Musk

Charlie White Musk was introduced in the market back in 1997. This ladies perfume is a combination of fruity and floral fragrance with an addition of a subtle sensuality to it. It is ideal for women who are not shy to highlight themselves while making a statement wherever they go. With a good balance of white musk, sandalwood, and tangy melon, this scent will do all the talking for you.

  1. Charlie Black

The Charlie Black was introduced in the market for the first time in 2009 from the house of Revlon. This fragrance has a very intoxicating aroma of the cherry top, lychee, almond, musk, heliotrope and vanilla as its base notes and caramel in the heart. It stands out as a highly sophisticated and sparkling perfume for ladies.

  1. Charlie Blushed

This fragrance from the house of Revlon was introduced into the market in the year 2006. It is known for its sensual, sweet and romantic scent which has the blending of lavender, jasmine, woods, lily-of-valley, rose and vanilla.

  1. Charlie Touch

The Charlie Touch perfume is an ideal fragrance for those who love romance. It provides a scent of rose, musk, and vanilla. Wearing this perfume will put you in the mood for romance and glamor.

  1. Charlie Instinct

The Charlie Instinct is a combination of both floral and fresh fruity aroma. It has the essence of grapefruit, pink pepper, marigold, musk, and balm.

A woman is never fully dressed without wearing a good perfume. Wear the Charlie perfume of your choice to put you in the mood, make a statement about yourself and boost your personality.

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