Beauty Secrets For Teenagers

Today we will be discussing beauty secrets which every teenage must know.

Beauty Secrets

1. Avoid Foundation : It is said that foundation is for women over 35, not for teenagers.

2. Never rub in the concealer : Just put a bit of concealer on your middle finger tip and pat it in. Never rub it in.

3. Avoid heavy makeup : Too much makes one look bad. Be natural or go for very light makeup.

Beauty Secrets

4. Use vaseline for chapped lips. Vaseline can also be used for removing eye makeup.

5. Dont touch your acnes and consult skin specialist for curing them.

6. Drink tons of water.

7. Always go for patch test, before trying anything new on face. Ptach test is taking a pich of product and apply on elbow or behind your eye and see reaction.

8. Never forget to apply sunscreen.

9. Keep your nails clean and all of same length.

10. You can go for homemade packs for skin and hair.

11. Stay happy and smiling.

12. Natural hairs are best. If you want to go for rebonding, know the side effects of rebonding by clicking here

13. Try these home remedies.

So, teens try these beauty secrets and stay beautiful.

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