Avoid These Bad Beauty Habits

There are many bad beauty habits which must be avoided to look beautiful. Just try to avoid these and feel the difference.

Not Removing Your Makeup : Busy routines, project deadlines makes you so tired that sometimes you sleep with makeup on. It harms skin and can cause pimples too.

Beauty Habits

Bad Hair Habits : Always use wide toothed comb to handle detangled hairs. Avoid Back Combing. Never use brush on detangled hairs.

Beauty Habits

Picking at your face : Never remove pimples, acnes and blackheads with your nails. It leaves scars on face and very difficult to remove them.

Beauty Habits

Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone : Using foundation not matching your skin tone is very bad practice and gives very bad impact.

Not using Sunscreen : Avoid direct exposure to sun. Never forget to use sunscreen before stepping out.

Not drinking enough water : Drinking less water is very bad beauty habit. 8-10 glasses of water is must to have hydrated, glowing and clear skin.

Beauty Habits

Eating your Nails : Never eat your nails. They look bad and not good for health too.

Beauty Habits

Girls, avoid these bad beauty habits and stay gorgeous.


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