Are your heels cracked?? Don’t worry its easy to treat them.

Get rid of cracked heals

Get rid of cracked heals

Because of your careless attitude towards heels, they often become cracked and painful. It’s totally unhealthy for feet besides looking bad. But there is no need to worry much because they can be easily taken care at home by following certain steps…

Ø Whenever you come from outside make sure you wash you feet properly.

Ø Everyday when you take bath, exfoliate your feet with the help of a scrubber which brushes away the dead skin cells. Pumice stone is also recommended for the purpose.

Ø Always drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Ø Foot cream could be applied once you clean your heels and it’s suggested to wear cotton socks when you go to bed so that heels should absorb the moisture and this way they can heel fast.

Ø Paraffin wax could be mixed with coconut oil, and applied while going to bed. It helps in lessening pain because of crack.

Ø You should always wear comfortable shoes, because wearing high heels or tight shoes could cause problem to you feet.

Ø Each morning when you go for a walk, try to walk barefoot as this practice is helpful to keep your feet youthful.

Keep your heels well nourished and rejuvenated. They need your care.



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