Age decides your skin needs

Skin never behaves same all the time. It behaves or responds differently as age progresses.

Changes in diet,season,health and age, shows changes in skin too.

skin care

What your skin needs as you grows?

What your skin needs as you grow?

During 20’s : Use good sunscreen(of atleast 15 SPF), along with that use anti-bacterial facewash and toner to fight against pimples and acnes.

During 30’s : Facials, fruit peels once in a months helps to make skin glowing and get rid of black heads.

During 40’s : Use nourishing moisturizer, anti wrinkles creams,anti wrinkles eye gels. Moisturizing the skin is must to keep it hydrated. Laser facials, fruit peels, aqua therapy also help to retain glow on skin. Facial exercises can also be done to fight against wrinkles.

Try these and keep your skin glowing forever.


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